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Tracking Performance

The aim is to achieve agreement and consensus among the e-infrastructures community on a lightweight and easy-to-use framework based on reliable data and meaningful metrics. Prior efforts such as the FitSM standard will be fully utilised in order to accommodate the wide variance of the environments encountered at the European e-Infrastructures.

For the time being, e-infrastructure organisations have existing but different and not obviously compatible IT Service Management systems. The set of requirements for IT Service Management for e-infrastructures provided by FitSM, as identified in its IT Service Management (ITSM) core processes (i.e. Service portfolio management, Service level management, etc.), as well as other related standards (ISO 20κ, ITIL, etc.) will guide the harmonisation methodology under the activity of the Service Catalogue Alignment.

Service KPIs Alignment

A Catalogue of Services (CoS) is one step towards the towards the transformation from a technology-oriented organization into a service-oriented organization based on:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
    • For whom (user/funder/policy maker)?
    • For what purpose (market visibility, internal/external evaluation)?
  • Building on past examples (e-IRG, e-Inventory)
  • KPIs as a function of CoS
  • Input on KPI selection will be based upon results of the questionnaire

The KPI dissemination and visualisation will be based on objective criteria that serve the goal to disseminate e-infrastructures services to related stakeholders and to the public-at-large in a seamless and impartial way. Different classes of KPIs will be identified in order to group individual KPIs in a more comprehensible and user-friendly manner, such as the ones related to the infrastructure capacity, the usage, the users, the investments made, and others.

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