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Learning from our advisors

Productive discussions with members of the Advisory Board and the Global Initiatives Working Group

The first meeting of the eInfraCentral Advisory Board was held on 29 November in Brussels. The Board includes five leading experts whose main role is to provide insight and challenge conventional thinking on crucial aspects of the project. Together they bring e-infrastructure expertise, research as well as policymaking experience to eInfraCentral.

The Advisory Board members met with the project team and provided their feedback and experience on the service catalogue, the functioning of the beta portal and possible exploitation paths. They will continue providing guidance throughout the core activities of the project and will meet again in the second half of 2018.


High-level global eInfrastructures experts provide reflections to the eInfraCentral

eInfraCentral places significant priority on an approach that ensures synergies with other global eInfrastructure stakeholders to optimise the functionality and maximise its future usage by the community enabling an outreach to and awareness raising across a broad set of einfrastructure stakeholders.

Seeking and securing the participation, feedback and consensus of eInfrastructures' stakeholders with international experience and of global caliber, a Global Initiatives Working Group has been set up consisting of five champions in the field of Electronic Infrastructures: Dr. Simon C. Lin Director of the Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre (ASGC); Dr. Andrew Treloar, Director of Technology for the Australian National Data Service (ANDS); Prof. Forencio I. Utreras, Professor of the University of Chile and former Executive Director of CLARA, the Latin American Cooperation of Research Networks; Prof. Xue-Feng Yuan, Founding Director of National Supercomputer Centre in Guangzhou and Prof. Shantenu Jha, Assistant Professor at Rutgers University.

The first assembly meeting of the Global Initiatives Working Group took place in Brussels, Belgium, in parallel with the Digital Infrastructures for Research Conference (DI4R 2017) in November 29 2017 with the central objective to provide guidance and reflections to the eInfraCentral blueprint for harmonised and more accessible e-infrastructure services for researchers.

The experts engaged with the eInfraCentral team in a fruitful exchange of ideas and knowhow on the subject of “eInfrastructure Service Catalogues” alignment, providing constructive observations and recommendations in terms of interoperability, adoption, functionality and other ways of expression with the aim to achieve a global alignment of service catalogues for eInfrastructures. 

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