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eInfraCentral moves to AAI for User management and SSO

eInfraCentral is moving forward in making the lives of the e-infrastructure service providers and their various users easier. In September 2018, eInfraCentral has moved its user management services to AAI (Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure) services. An AAI service enables an organisation to manage access to digital resources among its users, assigning authentication and authorisation to external identity providers. eInfraCentral employs the AAI services implemented for the upcoming EOSC Portal and integrates various AAI services and solutions, such as the EGI CheckIn, EUDAT B2ACCESS, GEANT EduTeams, INDIGO IAM and EduGAIN.

The key advantages are: 

  • The whole European research community of researchers, service providers and policy makers can easily access the personalised features on the eInfraCentral portal via their institutional / organisational account and credentials. 
  • eInfraCentral makes use of social logins, such as Google or ORCID accounts, for users who do not have an institutional account. Soon, more identity providers will be added.
  • eInfraCentral offers a Single SignOn (SSO) functionality for users to seamlessly navigate around all current and future platforms, tools and services of the EOSC ecosystem. A user logs into eInfraCentral to search for an e-infrastructure Service and then navigates and orders the service from either the service provider’s site or the EOSC marketplace (for EOSC-compliant services), without registering or being authenticated via the remote site. 

Introduction of the AAI for User management and SSO contributes to further building of an all-inclusive Catalogue of Services for EOSC offering both public – anonymous – and authenticated users a functionality to browse, search and compare listed services. Moreover, authenticated users can personalise their user experience and have access to advanced features such as rating and a personal portfolio of favorite services. Service managers are also offered with the Provider Analysis Dashboard, in which they can add, modify, activate/deactivate services and monitor the user response to their offerings in the portal through various indicators.   

No need to sign up, no need for new credentials. Login at via your organisational account and become a member of the all-inclusive family of the  European e-infrastructure services!

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