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Portal Architecture

eInfraCentral portal: Your Gateway for European E-Infrastructures


The functional and architectural specifications of the eInfraCentral portal have been designed and the beta version of the eInfraCentral portal is available at . The portal accommodates a rich data model for the service description and provides access to an initial catalogue of services collected by the 5 major e-Infrastructures in Europe, namely EGI, GEANT, OPENAIRE, PRACE and EUDAT. The current version of the eInfraCentral portal offers functionality for service registration, service classification and catalogue browsing, service exploration through keyword search and faceted filtering and service comparison. It allows users to view details on the characteristics of each service and rate, compare and personalize their experience. Stay tuned on the next updates of the platform! 

eInfra Diagram


The overall architecture of the eInfraCentral Platform is shown in the following Figure. It comprises of four main layers: 

•    the Repository Layer, responsible for all underlying content management of the platform

•    the Business Layer that implements and offers the core functionality of the platform

•    the User Interface (UI) Layer offers the front-end to the platform users

•    the Interoperability Layer enables the exchange of information between the platform and external systems, such as the service providers’ interfaces, or 3rd party systems that consume information regarding the platform’s service catalogue.

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