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The e-infrastructure collaboration activities will work on the engagement of the e-infrastructure community. It will consult three different groups (policy makers and related groups; research infrastructures and e-infrastructures; and initiatives at global level) acting as service and KPIs providers and/or end users. Reaching out to ESFRIs (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) and other research communities, eInfraCentral will involve all key stakeholders in an open dialogue, a continuous consultation process, to allow both service providers (e-infrastructures) and service consumers (research communities) to provide feedback on the use of the service catalogue. The main objectives that are of particular importance and priority for the successful implementation of eInfraCentral, are:

  • to pursue and establish a functional collaboration and exchange of information with e-IRG;
  • to reach out and engage with other European initiatives and communities that complement the core eInfraCentral partnership;
  • to seek and extend collaboration links beyond EU borders by liaising with global e-infrastructure and e-Science initiatives.

eInfra Events

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Advisory Board

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Global initiatives

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  • Creation of a Global initiatives working group composed of key representatives from global initiatives is being established.
  • Survey on e-infrastructure service catalogue for providers and users as part of the aim to structure an open and guided discussion between e-infrastructures to consensually define a common catalogue of services.
  • Coordination activities with EOSCpilot (The European Open Science Cloud for Research Pilot Project).

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