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Common service catalogue

E-infrastructure Service Catalogue Alignment

The second main activity of eInfraCentral – Service Catalogue Alignment – focuses on the establishment of a common service catalogue. This is a “baseline” mutually accepted by eInfrastructure stakeholders as the first important building block for describing and offering their services to their end-users in a harmonised way.


The Service Catalogue Alignment sets out to bring stakeholders together in an open and targeted discussion to:

  1. Harmonise their offerings under a common service catalogue framework.
  2. Pave the way for improving the discoverability of eInfrastructure services by preparing the service description template, the structure of respective representation schemas and APIs to be deployed in the development of the eInfraCentral portal. 
  3. Associate to the respective services and service provision certain key performance indicators (KPIs).

Α service catalogue aims to describe in a formalised manner the available services that are on offer by a respective provider. Similarly to label on goods or products containing information on the good itself as well as pricing for the perspective buyer to choose, services and services’ attributes should be out there in a manner that requires clear service definition and service identification process. As such, the implementation of a service catalogue is an essential step towards the transformation from a technology-oriented organisation into a service-oriented organisation. It is a means to communicate and provide clarity to users / customers about the services available to them, help improve customer relations by sharing information and manage customer expectations.


Timeline for the service catalogue alignment

The activities were organised to take place in two phases. During the first phase, existing European eInfrastructure catalogues will be gathered and classified into a list of services; the second will focus on service classification and harmonisation and acceptance of an appropriate set of parameters and key performance indicators (KPIs) indicators and metrics that are related or attached to each service. The service catalogue alignment is being implemented in consultation with and collaboration among European eInfrastructure service providers and users in order to ensure consensus of relevant stakeholders and provide the necessary framework for the eInfraCentral Portal and the future European Open Science Cloud.



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