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Advisory Board

Advisory Board







Dr Angela Dappert is Manager for Metadata and Knowledge Models at Springer Nature. She has widely researched and published on digital repositories and preservation; consulted for archives and libraries on digital life cycle management and policies; led and conducted research in the EU-co-funded Planets, Scape, TIMBUS, E-ARK, and THOR projects; and applied digital preservation practice at the British Library through work on digital repository implementation, digital metadata standards, digital asset registration, digital asset ingest, preservation risk assessment, planning and characterization, and data carrier stabilization. She has applied work towards preservation of research data and processes, software environments and eJournals, with an emphasis on interoperability, standardisation, and persistent identification. Angela holds a Ph.D. in Digital Preservation, an M.Sc. in Medical Informatics and an M.Sc. in Computer Sciences. She serves on the PREMIS Editorial Committee and a number of advisory bodies.







Maria Häll has a degree in Master of Science in Computer Science and since February 2013 she is the CEO of Sunet – the Swedish National Research and Education Network (NREN). Sunet is a branch of The Swedish Research Council. Maria previously worked at the Government Offices of Sweden - Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications at the division for IT Policy. Maria has extensive experience of working with ICT, broadband and Internet Policy issues, both in the private and public sectors, at local, national and international level. Maria has been Co-Chair of the RIPE Cooperation Working Group and Vice Chair of the ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC). Maria has also been Chair of the TU-Foundation Board. The TU-Foundation is the owner of the Swedish Internet Exchange company Netnod.







Maryline Lengert is Head of the Security and Specialised Services Division at the European Space Agency (ESA) IT Department leads the provision of ICT and IT security services dedicated to ESA technical IT counterparts and supports the adoption of common solutions across the Agency. She has been involved since 2009 in various initiatives to catalyse the creation of a European owned public cloud, serving initially the Science Research Area. The “Strategic Plan for a Scientific Cloud Computing infrastructure for Europe” endorsed in June 2011 has been the first step for the creation of Helix Nebula, the Science Cloud public-private partnership. Maryline has 25+ years of experience in the IT domain within an international environment. Her previous positions include Technical Manager and Operations Director for Hospital Integrated Information System in S.A.I.C. France, Quality Manager and Head of the Account Management and Requirement Analysis Division in the ESA IT Department. Maryline holds a PhD in Physics and a Master in International and European Studies.

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João Mendes Moreira has a degree in computer science and has 20 years of experience managing infra-structures, advanced services and scientific content aimed for the national Research and Education community. Presently he is the Head of Scientific information of FCCN, a unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology. This area comprises the Online Library of Knowledge (b-on), the Portuguese Open Access Initiative - RCAAP (Portuguese Open Access Scientific Repository) and the Portuguese Current Research Information System Manager (PTCRIS). He is member of several committees and working groups: National Open Science Policy Working group, OpenAIRE Advisory Board, DSpace Steering Committee, SCOAP3 Repository Steering and Support Working Group e ORCID Communications Groups Member.







Shantenu Jha is an Associate Professor at Rutgers University. He was appointed a Rutgers Chancellor’s Scholar in 2015. Previously, he led the Cyberinfrastructure Research and Development at the CCT at Louisiana State University; he was also a member of the Graduate Faculty in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh (UK), and a Visiting Scientist at University College London. His research interests lie at the triple point of Computing, Computational Science and Cyberinfrastructure. Shantenu is the PI of RADICAL and the lead investigator of RADICAL-Cybertools (including SAGA, which is a community standard and is part of the official middleware/software stack of most major Production Distributed Cyberinfrastructure - such as US NSF’s XSEDE and the European Grid Infrastructure. He hopes to play a part in the upcoming revolution at the interface of computing and health-science - global health and “personalized” medicine.

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