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collaboration Newsletter # 1 Jun 2017 The e-newsletter will be one of the main communications tools for the regular dissemination of information in order to reach important players. It will present the project, the portal and various themes focusing on e-infra services & developments, policy debates, etc.
Service Catalogue Service Catalogue Requirements Aug 2017 Documenting the requirements set from various e-infrastructures and stakeholders, including service definition,presentation, specification of usage, and associated KPIs as well as the availability of potential key performance indicators that can be used as performance measurement in matters relevant to the technical and day-to- day operations of e-Infrastructures.
e-InfraCentral Portal e-InfraCentral portal prototype release Aug 2017 A ‘rapid prototype’ version of the portal and service catalogue with a limited number of common services that can be tested by user groups.
Service Catalogue Service classification Nov 2017 A report detailing the various service typologies towards a common service definition and service management for all e-infrastructures to reach a harmonised approach to service catalogues
e-InfraCentral Portal Monitoring services specifications Dec 2017 Will provide the specifications for the monitoring services of the eInfraCentral platform, including a mechanism how to collect service metadata from the e-Infrastructures facilities and a first prototype of the monitoring dashboard with visualisation tools (maps, timelines, graphs) that show service uptake, trends, comparisons/ correlations, regional/discipline outreach, targeted stakeholders, etc.
collaboration Newsletter # 2 Dec 2017 Publication of the second eInfraCentral newsletter.
Service Catalogue Open Science Cloud vision Apr 2018 Describes the catalogue of services and the defined monitoring requirements and how they feature in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) vision.
collaboration Newsletter # 3 Jun 2018 Publication of the third eInfraCentral newsletter.
collaboration Newsletter # 4 Dec 2018 Publication of the fourth eInfraCentral newsletter.
collaboration Partnering Event Dec 2018 A two-day event to discuss, debate and fine tune findings related to e-infrastructure collaboration activities and the service catalogue alignment, as well as present a roadmap. The aim is to gather around 100 participants, mainly e-infrastructures, research infrastructures and policy makers.
e-InfraCentral Portal eInfraCentral Portal public launch Apr 2019 The eInfraCentral portal full release.
collaboration Newsletter # 5 Jun 2019 Fifth and final edition of the eInfraCentral newsletter.
Service Catalogue Exploitation plan Jun 2019 The exploitation plan will deal with the long-term sustainability and usability of the eInfraCentral Portal, proposed framework, and practitioner guidelines beyond the end of the project lifespan.
Service Catalogue Final project report Jun 2019 Details on how objectives were achieved, which difficulties complicated the project and which further perspectives arise from its final state.

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