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OpenRiskNet joined EOSC Catalogue

eInfraCentral warmly welcomes OpenRiskNet to the EOSC Catalogue (built and supported by eInfraCentral). Their services are listed in the Catalogue next to the more than 150 e-services already included. 

Dr Thomas Exner, Chief Scientific Officer of Douglas Connect GmbH and Coordinator of OpenRiskNet, highlighted the benefits of listing their services in the EOSC Catalogue: “OpenRiskNet provides specialised services for predicted toxicology and risk assessment. On one hand, we want to make them known and easily accessible, which is fostered by a listing in the EOSC Catalogue. On the other hand, these services do not exist in vacuum and will reach their full potential by linking them to other EOSC services.”

OpenRiskNet joins following a consultation process with the eInfraCentral team:

“The initial registration process of OpenRiskNet as a service provider required the completion of certain steps for authorisation and evaluation of our application. Further, the addition of new services to the catalogue seems straightforward. The existing template, including a set of instructions and recommendations, was very useful in this process and facilitates the description of a service. In addition, the communication with the eInfraCentral / EOSC team was effective and we appreciated the recommendations received, on both the registration process and also on the services description.”, said Dr Lucian Farcal, Scientific Project Manager at Douglas Connect. 

OpenRiskNet is a 3-year project funded by the EU within Horizon 2020 EINFRA-22-2016 Programme, with the main objective to develop an open e-infrastructure providing resources and services to a variety of industries requiring risk assessment (e.g. chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, drugs or nanotechnologies). The infrastructure is built on virtual research environments (VRE), which can be deployed to workstations as well as public and in-house cloud infrastructures. Services providing data, analysis, modelling and simulation services for risk assessment are integrated into the infrastructure and can be combined to workflows using harmonised and interoperable application programming interfaces. For a complete risk assessment and safe-by-design studies, data and tools from different areas have to be available, thus the OpenRiskNet e-infrastructure functionality is defined by a variety of incorporated services (databases, knowledge bases, and preprocessing, analysis and modelling tools) demonstrated within a set of case studies.

eInfraCentral encourages all providers of e-services (whether operating at European or national levels) to become part of the EOSC Catalogue and benefit from access to an extended user base. Since early November 2018, service providers are able to register, upload and modify their services through the REST API methods, thus making the synchronisation of content an automated process. 


If you would like to find out more about the service registration process, please contact the eInfraCentral team.


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eInfraCentral is a Coordination and Support Action funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 framework programme. Its mission is to ensure that by 2020 a broader and more varied set of users benefits from European e-Infrastructures. The project answers researchers’ and service providers’ need for a catalogue and platform where all can browse, search, compare and access various e-services from different scientific domains. eInfraCentral is one of the key initiatives driving the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud.



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