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“Open Science?… Darling, we need to talk!”

Open Science Conference 2019

Berlin, 19-20 March 2019

The Open Science Conference 2019 which took place on 19-20 March in Berlin was the 6th international conference of the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science. While the last year’s conference addressed policy aspects of the Open Science with focus on the European Open Science Cloud, this year’s discussion covered practical implementation of Open Science. Many of presentations were about Open Access and FAIR and Open Data.

Eva Mendez ask in her keynote speech to move from a declaration mode to an implementation mode and presented a slide based on “The Managing Complex Change model“ about the different components which are necessary to successfully manage a complex change. After the presentation of the European Open Science Monitor by David Osimo (The Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal) a discussion sparked which was taken further on Twitter about the leading role of the publisher Elsevier in the activity

The Managing Complex Change model
copyrighted by Dr. Mary Lippitt


The panel discussion was about the Report from the High-Level Expert Group on the Future of Scholarly Publishing and Scholarly Communication. It was recognised that there is some progress in the scholarly publication and communication towards the open approach, individual institutions are already addressing many recommendations directed to them, but still some work needs to be done. It was further said that the key principle is to facilitate open infrastructures, but that there is still a need for sustaining these infrastructures.

In conclusion it was stressed that technology is recognised as a necessity to enable Open Science but focus of the conference was on the cultural change, training and incentives (motivation) to open data and publications.

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