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European e-infrastructure service survey

  • 2nd May 2017
  • Posted by admin

This survey is designed for e-infrastructure service providers and their customers and users to help to solicit requirements and needs for the development of a common e-infrastructure service catalogue. The survey is open till 30 June 2017. It will take you only 5 minutes to complete. In case of further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

During the last two decades, Europe has invested significantly in the development of e-infrastructures that support scientific research and the commercialisation of resulting services. E-infrastructures empower scientific communities with ubiquitous, trusted and seamless access to facilities, resources and collaboration tools, bringing to them the power of technology for communication, computation, storage, access and instrumentation. To date, these services primarily target researchers. This needs to change in the ‘Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the Word’ era to allow a broader group of actors enter the picture: industry, governments, educators, citizens. Concerns have been raised about the uptake of e-infrastructure benefits by a wider set of stakeholders due to issues of service accessibility, interoperability and fragmentation, comprehensibility and clarity.

The mission of the Horizon 2020 funded project eInfraCentral is to close this gap and ensure that by 2020 a broader and more varied set of users discovers and accesses the existing and developing e-infrastructure capacity. The project is also expected to provide an enhanced understanding of where improvements can be made in delivering e-infrastructure services. The aim is to structure an open and guided discussion between e-infrastructures to consensually define a common catalogue for their services. The common service catalogue refers to structured information about all e-infrastructure services from independent service providers captured from the customer/user viewpoint that help to understand aspects such as functionalities, value, terms and conditions, ordering process, payment models, contact points. Based on the results of the consultation process eInfraCentral will design, develop and deploy a collaborative web platform to act as the main entry point to European e-Infrastructure services. The project will draw policy and sustainability lessons for the future development of a European e-infrastructure market place as an extension of the common service catalogue and web platform so that it includes a much broader range of e-infrastructures and services. The project has the backing and involvement of the five main European e-infrastructures: EGI, GEANT, PRACE, EUDAT and OpenAIRE.


What are the benefits from a common e-infrastructure service catalogue?

For service providers:

  • Provide shared language for service descriptions
  • Increase visibility of service offerings

For customers and users:

  • Simplify discoverability of services
  • Improve understanding of their relevance
  • Identify similar offerings or gaps

For funding agencies:

  • Improve communication of the supported initiatives
  • Facilitate evaluation of policy impact.

You can download the full questionnaire for review before completing the survey (pdf file) here

Please complete the survey online here

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